Sunday, February 8, 2009

Discovery Channel Shows, Collection and Havaianas...

Almost everybody who knows me knows I'm a cheap bastard... I sometimes eat at my trusty pares cart near our place (and get a worse feeling a few hours later... sometimes.) buy t-shirts at affordable prices (buy at People are People? Hah, Please...) and get the biggest discounts at my ehrm, collectibles. Like a few hours earlier I was able to score a figure from Hasbro's Marvel Legends' less than stellar Fin Fang Foom Wave. I managed to get a better figure from a limited selection at almost 1/3 the price. Nice. Now it got me thinking: should I buy the complete 15-inch Fin Fang Foom figure that I saw last time at a nice discount, or just keep the money for the future (like, say, invest in hybrid car?) Ah, I'll let my brain decide... hopefully if I do decide to buy it, It'll still be there...

Now color me stupid or stubborn, but I think that many fashion accesories and beverages are too darn expensive... A flip-flop worth 1000ph??!! Those closed-toe flip-flops (or called Crocs) worth 2000ph?? Coffee worth 120++ph?? It's like boxer Bernard Hopkins (I think) said, why buy a thousand-dollar watch when you can buy a cheap one that can tell you the same time? Yeah, my collectibles are also not excused for this, heck, you could call them "dust-collectors" yet I would still say, " Oh, go take a flying leap..." or "Make your own Blog and rant about it, mother****er..."

Lately I've been watching this show on Discovery Channel called Time Warp. It's like they've expanded the concept of those moments on tv where they do a slow-motion replay of a certain action. It's really cool to watch (especially the part of a karate master breaking many layers of concrete bricks.) but some of the parts they "time warp" or super-high-definiton-slow-motion are not really science-y. Mostly they border on the "amusing" level or "entertaining" level. I'll also say that the show Mythbusters started the trend of "Extreme Science Shows for Hip Young Teens" like Time Warp. Thanks, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. And also have you seen their other member Kari Byron? Hachi Machi!!!

Rants: Those MYX VJs are really killing me... They just need to be shot at for their useless rambling. I like Akon's new single. The one that goes "Na Na Na Na..." and the Late Isaac Hayes' "Theme from Shaft" mostly becuse I've watched the 2000 remake on HBO recently (starring a young Christian Bale...) and Jamie Foxx's "Just Like Me". Very catchy.

-"the king"