Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's easy to lay off, to just slack around and doing whatever your heart wants to. But life is never easy, and you need to make up for the time you wasted. And making up those time is never easy. I learned that the hard way when I wasn't able to finish my project for Home Economics or whatever it is called back in grade school. It was a weaved basket and I wasn't really good at it so I wasn't able to start immediately and in the end, I got a failed score and a scolding from my parents. Since then I opted to do things in advance because rushing things isn't always easy.

With that said, sometimes it's hard to just "do it". Not the sex part, but doing things you like. Procrastination gets the better of you. I wanted to do some art crap but lately I'm not in the mood. No matter how hard I tried, my sketches are sloppy. There are also distractions, like internet, Facebook, dvds and catching up on lost sleep. Whenever I'm doing something mundane I think of what I need to do after. But when I sit on the table BANG I get zilch. I totally get stuck and the end product is terrible. It's like forgetting to buy a carton of milk when you're taking a leisure walk. (hhmmmm... that could be a movie. Or it already is...)

For some reason, I'm glad that I still have my assignments from my father's newspaper. There are deadlines that I need to finish, so I need to think fast and do the article/editorial cartoon in a short period of time. That at least gets my gears running. But make no mistake, I pour a lot on those assignments and I always make sure they look/read good. It's just that I wanted to do something I really want to do, like my indie comic book.

I'm just hoping that I'll get out of this "stuck" situation soon... Posting it on my blog gets some results. (don't believe me? I wrote here that I wish my girlfriend and I would be able to visit Boracay. Last March we were able to. ) Until then, I'll probably level up more on Facebook app CarTown...

-"the king"