Monday, October 12, 2015

Last Hurrah?

- Wow. Just Wow.

- I never thought I would be writing again after all these months, I mean, my last blog post was like a send-off of sorts when you actually look at it and if you know me very well (which is, not a lot)

- Facebook, Work and ToyTripping is what's keeping me busy these days.

- What the Hell's "ToyTripping", you may ask? It's something I came up when I'm setting up my own Facebook page to showcase my quirky Toy Photographs. It's a take on "FoodTripping", "PowerTripping" etc. etc. Back then my photographs are taken with grainy camera phones and few set-ups needed, like these:

- Now fast forward a few years, I've discovered cropping, Photoshop, shooting outside with a natural light and cardboard background cut-outs and my shots have been elevated to a new level ( kinda ). And the people commending it on social media have made it even better for me as an artist and to think more crazy set-ups and such. Here are some samples:

- So this is what's keeping me busy these days, granted, this can be a "phase" where I will grow tired of it after a few years, but I can understand that. After all, Man needs to explore, to find their true calling, if I can use that word here. Maybe I'll venture to customizing action figures or flower-arranging, perhaps? One can never know.

- So that's it. Maybe I'll write another post tomorrow, or maybe the next 8 months, but I just want everybody to know I'm doing alright and it feels good to type random sh*t on my blog using my trusty ( and rusty ) laptop again. Cheers.

- "the king"


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