Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fear, Collecting and Writing...

Even if it doesn't look like I'm busy updating this blog, I always devote some time checking myFacebook page, my deviantart page (where I update my journal more often, even if it's short. you can check it even if you don't have an account with them , which is good.) and checking my favorite, non-porn website. And also porn.

Lately I've been on the edge. Ever since my girlfriend and I watched this certain horror movie (trust me when you don't want to know what the movie is) that borders more on grotesque operation (think the movie SAW) than cold-blooded murder. It's a heavily flawed movie, but it did get my imagination good. I've been a little scared when it's evening and the lights go down . I feel like they're at our comfort room, the darkest place in our studio room.Whenever I would close my eyes I open it again to see if someone is there. I remedied that by sleeping on the other side, but whenever I would take a leak I open the lights at the CR. I know, I know, it's really stupid, juvenile and there are no ghosts at our place. It's just that I have a hyperactive imagination and I can't stop thinking about stuff. Now I know how Calvin from comic strip Calvin and Hobbes feels. Now I enjoy company here, even my irritating sister when she comes home from work. Now it's waded a little bit, hopefully I'll get it out of my system . But it ranks up there with Sadako andParanormal Activity on the "Scared-Sh*tless -Out-Of-Sleep" category.

One of the things that's taking my mind off the scary stuff is my rekindled love for collecting toys. I have to thank my college friend for that, since he has a job that has more monetary benefits (feels good, right, friend?) and wanted to buy stuff for his collection. Now I have someone I can talk to more often than usual about collecting stuff, how to take care of them and the like. Heck, here are some of my newest additions to my collection:

My collections include die-cast cars (mostly hot wheels and the model '57 Chevy) and action figures from Marvel andDC Comics. I have went through their price increases (e.g. from 69.99php to 99.99php on Hot Wheels and 349.99php to 1,200php on DC Universe Classics) and the wonderful technology on them (e.g. a Transformers toy has more articulation now) I'm recently taking a liking toTransformers (preferably the kind that has a Voltes V-like setting, where a couple of robots form into one gigantic robot) Now, the biggest question could be: why collect? For me, I would prefer these things be my "furniture" or "conversation pieces" than some stupid vase or a window. When I was also a kid I have few friends, so I play epic stories by myself using my action figures and stuffed toys bought and won by my dad. I had a lot of fun there and this could be a way of remembering that. Hey, to each his own.

Recently also my officemates have been on reading frenzy ever since they have accidentally discovered a book at the office written by this Jay Panti guy. He writes about his experiences with school, women and life. He writes well and feels like he is amalgamation of your numerous past friends. For me, what my officemates like about him is his dozen escapades with his women. He feels like a modern Casanova. Honestly, I don't believe much in his stories but I like the section where he features some old tried-tested jokes. Some of them I haven't heard before. Because of him, I feel like writing my own memoir of the girls I've caroused and who"basted" me. Maybe next time...

-"the king"