Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Spat With Manabat (Or, How NOT to Piss a Celebrity)

It's hard being a fan of a celebrity. Try as they may to reach out to all of their devotees, you'd have to do something drastic to make them remember you and even offer you to be "in their world". And there's also the part where you criticized his/her actions and it was known by the devout fans, well, hell hath no fury. 

As humiliating as this is (heck, as of this writing I don't know why I'm still writing this. Call me a glutton for punishment) and to give you a lesson on holding off your thoughts, I'd like to tell a story of my brief argument with a celebrity named Jahziel Manabat.

For those who don't know who Jahziel Manabat is, she is a professional model and one of the "vixens" on Premiere Condoms search for a model. She also appeared on car shows, print ads and most recently on the famous Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited as a housemate but voluntarily exited after just a few weeks of stay. We could look into her reason as someone who just wanted to get a contract for ABS-CBN to get more exposure, but it's just my opinion and let's not delve deeper into that. 

She is very famous especially to hot-blooded males and on the internet. She has that sexual charm that could turn you to butter and knows how to "tease" especially with these following set of pictures as examples:

Not to mention that she has pretty large breasts and sensual curves.

Definitely fap-worthy...

Her curves are not limited to wearing lingerie or two-piece bikinis. Jahziel can also dress glamorously. Such is her popularity that she has a huge following on her Facebook fan page, with 165,000 hits. I joined the group and got treated to some very revealing pictures. She would post pictures of her activities and there would be a dozen Likes, Shares and comments ranging from "LUV yah jaz!!!" to "isang gabi lang yan ok na q hehe". We really couldn't avoid this obscene remarks, especially with Facebook allowing a certain degree of anonymity where you could "get away with it". 

But the admins on her fanpage (with her approval, I guess) would go over their way with making an album to embarrass the said obscene people, marking their malicious comment and having other fans make fun or bashing the "fan". There is even an album where they showed front pages of tabloid that is not authorized. I immediately thought that this is one feisty girl who doesn't give a B.S. to anyone. She could take care of herself.

But upon seeing an album of her feeding program that she did along with a couple of colleagues, I had to do say something. There is also an issue where I find it unsettling that she'd have to show this to the social network. I mean, don't get me wrong, it is a noble cause but for me, charity doesn't have to be shown, but hey, she got her reasons. I commented on a photo: "not to nitpick, but wouldn't it be better and "nakaka-lugar" if you chose to wear a dress that is less revealing?"

It's just a simple fashion sense, I guess. Would you wear something revealing to a court hearing, a church ceremony or a debate? Her sleeveless top is too...revealing. 

I mean it can get this revealing: 

I waited for a few days for any possible reply from her and sure enough, I did get one.
" hello nakapants po ako... hndi ba mas over ang dress para sa feeding program.. andame 

mo npapansin.. stylist ka ba?"

I tried to reply that her top is too revealing for that scenario but my girlfriend told me not to delve too much anymore. Pretty soon there were comments from fans saying that I'm gay or I'm just too stunned from her looks to make a comment like that, etc. And with that kind of attitude coming from her, I've decided to leave her fanpage and go with my ways. Yeah, she can be mean. But I do check her from time to time when I get 

"lonely". We're wired that way.   

So I've learned that there are some things that you need to just keep to yourself. But sometimes you see a unique kind of honesty when you do say something frank. 

For now these are my "idols": 

Fellow Premiere Vixen contestant and car show babe Christine Marquez.

And tattooed model Vanessa Lake.

And because of the incident I know now how to follow them: as an ordinary fan. If something works out, great. If not, you can just stay "behind the bleachers" and ogle.

- "the king"


Denis del Callar said...

Baka naman kasi "Breast Feeding" program yung pinuntahan niya! Hang in there!:D

Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

If it's worth anything, I agree with you. It would have been better if she wore a more conservative top.

Vicktuh said...

thanks for the comments. yeah, i'm glad someone agreed with me here. you're the 2nd person to say so. haha.