Sunday, August 24, 2008

Groening, Monster Trucks and Dealing with College Students...

I gotta admit, I always wanted to dedicate a little bit of time collecting subjects to discuss (or rant) in this blog of mine. It's very fulfilling to express your thoughts in the world wide web, where almost everybody can get famous. As much as possible, I also don't want to post personal-diary stuff on my blog. Why? Well, 1. It can get dramatic 2. People don't really want to know what you did during the day (unless it is of scandalous nature, or you're a damn celebrity) and 3. well, I just had to inlude the number 3. It is a universal number. You'll find out soon...

Anyway, I've bought a July 2008 issue of Playboy Philippines simply because of an interview with The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. His answers are very informative and funny. Here's an excerpt (buy the issue...)

On the Movie: " We're playing around with the pacing. No, we're not padding it with a lot of songs. We tried."

The Simpsons Hair: "...what was memorable in cartoons was characters you could identify in silohoutte. That's why [they] have distinctive hairlines"

On the thousands of merchandise: "We have turned a few things down, believe it or not. We turned down Simpsons slot machines..."

On memory: " I can't remember... having done 400 episodes... I have only a certain amount of space in my brain for Simpsons knowledge."

Having also watched an episode of Monster Jam ( showing on Maxxx, I have come to a conclusion that this is the kind of television that you will be entertained and watch for a few minutes. It stacks up there with wrestling and Olympics.

It would be entertaining and grand if I would become a professor at a college. For one, I would make my students research their assignments and projects the old-fashioned way: library. I wouldn't allow them to research it online. It would be too easy. I experienced that this generation is a point-click-copy-paste generation. They would rather dedicate their time playing DOTA (which I'm a fan of) than hit the books. So I would make sure that their research is not, shall I say, a Wikipedia-ripped one. Haha...

Do check out this site: It is an extremely well-written and insult-laden site for fans of that yellow, gluttonous 8-bit videogame icon. It may lack menus (all of the information is placed on one page.) but it is very informative. Check it even if you're not a videogame freak (Gasp! How dare you??!!) I love listening also to Urbandub's new single "Fight Is Over" and Weezer's "Pork And Beans"

- "the king"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Rants , Quasi-Sex Scenes and Common Assholes...

Y'know, I've been doing some heavy thinking (a rare feat) and wondered what makes this blog different from my Friendster blog?

Well, my Friendster blog has more history and a cult following. This, however, I've tried to be more interactive, adding links and font colors to add attention to the reader (which I'm hoping is developing) and I guess all my thoughts are a little personal now, telling my stories. All my posts will be placed on this and not my Music.Love.Gore... blog. Although I don't want to ignore my original fans... (notice my celebrity twang...)

It's also really hard not to post some very mean stuff on people you hate. I would love to, but I fear that I might regret it in the future. And besides, it's pretty juvenile and will add more to my receding hairline. (OK, I admit it, but I'll expound on it at another time.) So, I'll just quote my early post " There are many cruel, ugly, stupid and snobbish people on this earth...F*CK YOU, YOU CRUEL, UGLY, STUPID AND SNOBBISH PEOPLE THAT I KNOW"

A few days ago I was able to watch on DVD the movie "Good Luck Chuck" starring Dane Cook and the very statuesque Jessica Alba. The movie is very sexist (it has a 3% rating at but despite that, I enjoyed it. Heck, all testosterone-driven men will like the movie (I love actor Dan Fogler's horny-as-hell character). It has, in my opinion, the best quasi-sex scene of a movie. The part where Cook and Alba are kissing each other and Cook prefers his women to be bra-less. Alba, infatuated by Cook, takes out her bra from her blouse. Wow. And the part where Alba is seducing Cook by undressing him and herself plus whsipering "this is gonna be your best night ever..." And also the part where Cook, trying to avoid physically seeing Alba as fear of his "charm" might affect her, she tries to convince him to come to her house, even doing phone sex and sending a racy picture. And when he did, hallwathey really wrecked Alba's living room and the hallway leading to her bedroom. Man, it's good!!! Just watch the damn movie...

Random rants: Jason Statham and Jet Li faced off in an action movie, so why not Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson? The two actors are well-built and have appeared in action and comedy films. Remember Dino-Riders? They're so cool (check out this website Too bad my toys are either broken or incomplete. Lastly, check out this website, where they explored " existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb." In layman's terms, making Mr. Arbuckle more pathetic than ever. It's very "alternative" and disturbing at the same time...

-"the king"