Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Blog Has A WHAT???!!!

 - It's amazing how you can be ignorant at times.

- I have just recently updated my blogspot settings, as well as seeing that blogspot also tells you who or how many viewed your coveted blog.

- SON.OF.A.MOTHERF*CKIN'.BITCH. The new settings made it super-easy to place pictures. I always had extreme difficulty moving the pictures to my desired spot, even taking me hours to finish. Blogspot has been notifying me countless times to update my format, but I just kept on ignoring it because I'm afraid that it might alienate me. Sh*t. Times like this I remember the short story "Who Moved my Cheese" by Spencer Johnson, M.D. Do check it out.

- My ego also had a "polishing" time when I saw how many people viewed my blog. There are people from the U.S., U.K., The Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Portugal and even Russia!!!

- Granted I do not know if they did just view it momentarily when they are just trying the [ Next Blog>>>] feature or they really read my post from start to finish, or even  if they are Filipinos just working/staying in the said country. but hey, it works for me.

- For people new to blogging, I recommend that you label your posts. It helps add traffic to your blog when people are searching something. Why, my most-viewed post was me ranting about the heat and about British comic strip star Andy Capp. Check it here. I guess he is pretty famous, despite the recycled humor.

- Speaking of traffic, one of the most-viewed "Torpe Road" post I did was on Bacolod, followed by Singapore then Paranaque and lastly my cream de la crepe, New Zealand. "Torpe Road" fans unite!!! For newcomers, check out the rest here.

- Speaking of the "The Torpe Road", I've been wanting to publish it in paper format, either by a known publisher or go "indie" (i.e. Xerox)  with some never-before-seen ( always wanted to use that phrase for some time now ) articles. I have maybe 4 or 5 articles in mind, but knowing me, it might take 2015 to finish.

- So that's all, fellow bloggers!!! In closing don't be afraid to experiment, always make blog posts with substance and make sure you can back up your claim or rant when someone is bashing/trolling you. And oh, double-check your spelling/grammar...

- I guess it also wouldn't be right if I didn't post some pics that I stumbled on the net. There are some really awesome pics sprouting and being seen by dozens of people, thanks in part to the popularity of humor website So here they are:

                                                                  - rock-hard skin

                                                                   - God's Eye

                                                                    - heeeelllpppp....

                                                     - the occasional unknown chick stolen from 'net...

               - ...and the totally unknown body/cleavage shot. check out more at "Palibahasa Lalake" page, search it on Facebook..

- "the king"