Saturday, December 8, 2012

57 Chevy Picture-O-Rama

It's a known fact that men love their cars. They would spend countless hours setting it up, cleaning it, making sure it runs smoothly and  even giving it a name. There's countless theories and explanations that answer a male's fixation on cars, but it all sums down to a fact that we adore material things that make us "macho". You could say we're wired that way. 

We all have that special car that we have a soft spot on, and for me it is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air. Why? Because of  the overall shape, the sharp back fins and the front grilles. It is an art form in itself. It is a definite icon of an Americana. When people think of diners, Saturday nights at a drive-thru movie and the American dream, you think of the 57 Chevy.

Now the following set of images are some great 57 Chevy pictures that will make any haters reconsider. Enjoy and click on the pic to for a detailed look. 

Great photograph compositions:


ready for a Zombie apocalypse


made this my Facebook cover photo

would love this to be my 
Birthday Cake.

A car wouldn't be complete without a 
pin-up girl posing on the car. 

57 chevy mods: 

if you can't afford an original, 
modify one.

Famous media appearances:

Love this Garfield special.

from 1962 James Bond movie, "Dr. No"

from "American Graffiti", the famous "Project X"

how to wreck a 57 chevy, from "Used Cars"

Artworks 2:

my frustration on not having a 57 chevy on 
Pixar Cars and Cars 2 made me draw this piece.

superstar comic book artist Marc Silvestri drew 
this flying Chevy on New X-Men # 152

And massive toy collections

of course I have a huge collection of my own...

even getting this from a certain girl-centric toyline.
And that's about it. All the good stuff I could find. See you next time, and dare I say a big, fat BOO!!! to a Ferrari...

- "the king"