Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Of Colgate, Vintage Toys, Letters and Nostalgia...


We all have that one toy that we would keep not just because of it's sentimental value, but it's WOW factor and great playability. Then you would pass it down to your child, hoping that they would also have fun as you did many years ago.
"let's crack this thing open!!!"

Any kid of the early 90's would remember this toy that came free with a box of your famous toothpaste. They call by many names, but the famous one would be the ALPHABET AND NUMBER ROBOTS by COLGATE!!!


Every box of Colgate Toothpaste would come with a free ALPHABET or NUMBER robots ( there are also math symbols as well ) They're small and colorful little pieces of plastic that you will transform into a robot, complete with arms, legs and beady little eyes and mouths. They're pretty easy to transform to a robot and back to a letter or a number ( there have also been free diecast cars taht came with every box of Colgate, but they don't have the impact as much as these do. ) So while a child is having fun playing with the toy, he/she will also learn the fundamentals of ABC's and 123's and a little bit of math as well. Pretty neat learning gimmick.

What most 90's kids from the Philippines would remember are they are very nifty toys that you can play on the dirt or with your GI Joes or Transformers. All the robots have the word COLGATE painted on their bodies, so most kids would remember as Colgate being the original "makers".

Now there have been debates as to where these originally came from, as the Colgate ones don't have any copyright usually embossed on authentic toys and there have been several bootlegs and different versions that were sold even today ( you just have to know where to look ) but some extensive research on Google, forums, blogs and ebay, I was able to shed light on their origin.

an example of a bootleg alphabots...

i kept this card just for catalog purposes...
The toys were created by a Mr. Shigeyuki Horiuchi from Japan ( where else would we see this kind of oddity? ) commissioned by Mattel ( makers of toy properties like Hot Wheels, Barbie, He-Man etc. ) back in August 1986. They are originally called " Toy Block Transformed into a Robot " by the creator. Not really sure what they are really called, but Alphabots and DoubleDooz ABC's are the names that I was able to find. The creator also made some other toys as well, like a robotic toy fish ( you can check how the robots should look like transformed HERE, HERE and HERE. )The patent looks legit, and the website is convincing enough, so I'm sticking with this origin for now until I can unearth more ( you can check the original patents HERE )

patent designs... a lot of thought comes into it...
patent designs... a lot of thought comes into it...

the fish aquarium toy, also designed by Mr. Horiuchi...

Finding and buying all of your missing letters, numbers and math symbols to complete your collection can be a pain, as they're not that worth that much. But you have to admit, they do have that WOW factor. Any  true-blue vintage toy collector would recognize one immediately. I was only able to see 2 ads that were being sold online from 2 different websites locally and they were being sold immediately. So far, all I'm seeing that have been selling online are knock-offs. They practically use the same mold, but the colors are painted shoddily. And, they don't have that same nostalgic, fuzzy feeling when you're buying a Colgate "original".
group pic


My parents were very kind enough to buy me a lot of Colgate robots that I almost have a complete set. I remember playing with them, even using clay to mold some swords, guns and even a crown for them to use. Lately I was able to buy some knock-offs to complete most of what I'm missing. Now all I need are the math symbols and numbers 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 to go full circle.  Up to this day I still have them, displayed on top of a bookshelf. Some have shown signs of age ( rusty screws, faded 
colors, collected dust, loose joints ) but I wouldn't sell them not even for 5000php. I want my child to play with them and take care of it long enough to also pass it on to his child, and so forth.

- "the king"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jesus Is A Fighter...

When you buy collectibles on a daily basis and are following just a certain toyline (e.g. you buying just Marvel comics characters, DC Comics characters etc. )  you tend to get burned out.

You get the same old mold used in the bodies of the toys, the same old characters in different paint schemes, the difficulty to obtain that one item that you really want and the poor quality of the product. You tend to "branch out" and see what the other toy companies are offering, while at the same time you are still loyal to you "main" toyline.

Being a collector, it can be difficult to "branch out" as some of the other toylines are a lot expensive than what you are used to. Or you get burned out again, and find another toyline to satisfy your cravings. It can be a very money-consuming hobby.

Being a "smart collector" ( in the strictest sense ). I try to just stick to my main toylines because 1) My wallet's suffered enough and 2) I don't have shelf space for the extra toyline and 3) See no. 1. . But there is often a toy that is so amazing and so bizarre that you just had to buy it.

What I'm talking is THIS.

Action Portable Fighting JC by threeA company.

JC? Yes, it's Jesus Christ all decked out and ready to kick some butt.

This is by far the coolest-looking Jesus Christ action figure ever. Sure, there were some toys out there that have action features, but those look juvenile and downright silly.

Conceived by threeA co-creator Ashley Wood, Fighting JC was a character in a series of stories called Adventure Kartel, revealed in the company's official forums as a companion to the protagonist named Tommy Mission, helping the hero fight the hordes of zombies. He was called by God to help the world be right again.

The toy first came out 2011 in 12-inch form and costs 10,000-12,000php. A few years later, he was rereleased in 6-inch form and costs only 3,000-5,000php. There are at least 5 variations to the character, and I bought the Exegesis variant, the "white-hoodie and blond hair" or I like to call " Super Saiyan JC"
* snicker *

One thing that you will first notice about the toy is it's weathered look. His hands, clothes and shoes are muddy-looking, looking like someone who has gone through a zombie warzone. ThreeA did a great job with the paint applications. His clothes are also made of real cloth and are lined at the edges with a wire, so you can make some dynamic action poses to it as well.

There's a lot of articulation on the figure, so you'll have a field day making some creative toy photography to it. The ankle joints do tend to pop out, but they can be easily be put back in. And because of the figure's skeletal look, the figure is pretty light. But it can be posed without falling off with ease, so long as you apply some engineering or physics to it.

There's a lot of details on the figure. Just by seeing the figure you can already build a story out of it. There are a couple of tattoos on him, the Mama Mary tattoo on his back being my favorite. As one user from a famous toy website said, "fighting jc's got STYLE." He has a cartoony look, so he can look a bit off side-by-side to your Spider-Man or Batman action figure, but it can manage. 

Fighting JC came with a severed head of a zombie, of which you can place it on one of his pouches. The pouches are also fully-functional, they can be opened and closed like a real pouch would.

Really cool.

Fighting JC is a one-of-a-kind action figure. It is worth the big bucks you will drop on. It is a great starter figure to immerse yourself on some threeA figures, provided you have lots of dough ( one threeA figure is the value of 2-3 Marvel Legends figures. ) And even if you don't like the other threeA figures, Fighting JC is a welcome addition to your action figure collection.

photo by FB user and toy collector Pau Gi.
check out his Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/paugi_13/

photo by FB user and toy collector Pau Gi.
check out his Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/paugi_13/

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to church to avoid being excommunicated. 

- "the king"