Friday, May 30, 2014

Music and Japan...

It's been a while since I've posted something here, because your brain would just want to relax and rest in the shade drinking a martini. I admire the people who are able to post on their blog on a daily basis. It's either they are born writers or they are able to multi-task, playing DOTA ( is that still relevant? ) and checking the trending stories on Facebook while downloading new ( read: illegal ) movies on torrent.

I've decided to rant less in this post ( but rant nonetheless. ) and share with you some of the best stories I've seen on the net. So videos are aplenty ( because showing it with just picture are so 2010...

I've been a huge fan of Jewish-Reggae singer Matisyahu ever since I've heard his song "King Without A Crown" : 

While his brand of sound can be alienating to some, his is so uplifting and unique from the run-of-the-mill music of today. So it is with great joy that he is releasing his 5th studio album titled AKEDA, the proper word being AKEDAH, which is the binding of Isaac, son of Abraham, a symbol of an ultimate sacrifice and fear of God. He has released some of the tracks from the said album online, the best that I've heard is this one called "Reservoir" 

And by a sheer stroke of coincidence, my other favorite band, nu-metal Linkin Park will also be releasing their 6th studio album, The Hunting Party. They've also released some of the tracks as well, my favorite being " Until It's Gone ": 

And while we are in the subject of music, I feel like there is no song for a male who is in a relationship and chose instead the "other woman" and hoping that his previous flame is doing alright despite his actions. Most of the music that is offered are about still in the "decision" stage. The closest that I stumbled upon is this: 

It's something that I've been going through. I mean, music is therapy, y'know? 

Will Ferrell is a very versatile comedian, and I was entertained by his recent stint on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: 

Man, they DO look alike... 

And thanks to this, I've taken a liking to the song that they've played. It's "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. Take a listen. 

And because of this, I've stumbled into this infamous Saturday Night Live skit: 

Speaking of Late Night shows, Conan O' Brien is my favorite host, he is really in his element when he does remote sketches like these: 


As well when he plays videogames and makes some very witty remarks: 



Lately I've really taken an interest on Japan culture, most notably their interpretations on sex. I mean, they have this: 

I've dream of making a documentary on Japanese pornography, like going to Japan and interviewing porn stars, directors, producers and such. I mean, we only know so much, especially with the language barrier. Documentaries can take years to finish, but it's something I can sink my nose in. But it appears that there are already a couple of documentaries already being made about it, such as these: 

But of course, it's always good to give your point-of-view of the porn industry, and I already have a title for my documentary as well, I call it KIMOCHI: A DOCUMENTARY ON JAPANESE PORN. Kimochi is japanese slang meaning " it's good" or "it feels good". So, get me a producer. And a Japanese work visa. And restraint from hooking up with a Japanese porn star when I'm filming a documentary. 

So that's it, do watch these videos, and be patient when they are buffering. 

- "the king"