Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rant Resurgence


 - It can be very difficult to make another post about ranting about society's problems, but all one can do is check any social media and watch yourself roll your eyes countless times.

- Selfies, Check-Ins, Trolling, Sharing Useless stories ( not unless it's 8fact or ) taking pictures of EVERYTHING and liking your own status update or photo are what comprises of Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and almost any social media websites.

- But in every "lemon", there is always a "peach" in those websites, like Traffic or weather updates, inspirational stories and quotes, your best friend getting engaged/ promoted/ giving birth and free links to recent movies does make checking out your profile worth it.

- I do love this photo blog, called The Social Climber, that pokes fun at people who are in need of a good smack to the head for being too full of themselves. Do check it out if you have the time.

- That aside, I've seen the comic strip that replaced Pugad Baboy in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and... the humor is just not there. It's like you get it, but it's just missing a comic flair. Inquirer is missing a large hole in their comic strip department.

- I also remembered a dialogue from The Walking Dead writer/ creator Robert Kirkman that the comic book industry needs to create all-new characters and all-new stories. Writers and artists need to stop making a 37th version of Batman and start making a new character altogether.

an original character by Jamal Yaseem Igle.
Be like this guy. 
- Fast food restaurants need to have diversity in their menus. Or at least have McDonalds' menus be more than just Chicken and Burgers.

- All reality shows ( Billy the Exterminator, Storage Wars, Cake Boss, Pawn Stars, Wheeler Dealers, Amercian Chopper, WipeOut, Survivor, Toy Hunter ) have some form of "scripted situations" that make these TV shows watchable. As long as you accept that, you'll be fine. I mean, just look at Brandi Passante alone.. HOTCHA!!!

- South Korean "accidental" model Jinri Park should go back to the Philippines after her DJ job, 2 Photobooks and several magazine appearances and a TV gig made her famous here. Going
back to the roots, as they say.

- Politics? I said this again, and I'll say it again:  Flying F*ck Politics

- And since I love railroads since they remind me of winding road that has been a recurring image on my "The Torpe Road" series ( start reading the famous series HERE) , here is a beautifully-shot picture of model Susan Coffey ( psstt.. check out her Facebook page HERE or her deviantart HERE.

- "the king"