Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pinoy Man Show, Death of VJs and Charice Pempengco...

It's been a while since my last post, what with a bad cinema experience for the Pacquiao- De La Hoya fight at Trinoma, our company Christmas party, my Hooters experience ( Mini review: the food is great, albeit a bit expensive. Beer costs almost 70php. The place is very atmospheric, looks just like the branches at America. The Hooters girls, the main attraction at the place, are a hit and miss. Most of them are, shall we say, hipon. And they're wearing stockings. I've been cheated at my ogling!!! Overall, a good bar to eye chicks and for people who have a lot to spend on.) and catching up on lost sleep time. But it's good to be back, ranting and dissing again...

While I'm buying my favorite magazine (FHM) and looking at others as well, I've stumbled into something that needs to be done. People, heed my words: we need a PINOY THE MAN SHOW. For those who don't know The Man Show, it's a show where they make fun on homosexuality, sports and ladies' underwear. Plus they popularized the term Girls Jumping on Trampoline. I don't care what network will take it, as long as it is there. And I don't care what timeslot it's in, as long as it is there too. You ask why? Think about it: everywhere you look, sexuality is rampant in the Philippines. Men of the 20-30 denominator demand a different kind of homeland entertainment. I believe the time is now. Heck, I don't care if it will last 13 episodes, as long as people felt it. And felt it good... Now, the hosts should be very comedic and manly. For now, I choose geekoid RJ Ledesma as the first host, while the second one is still pending. It's really hard to find good hosts these days...

Speaking of hosting, it appears I'm not the only one who hates these new VJs at music channel MYX and MTV. I read at a Philippine Star column last Friday (or Saturday, sorry, dude.) expounding about the death of VJs. Most of these are indeed just nuisance to your music video pleasure. The kind where you just say "bilisan mo nga, paksh*t!!!" or you switch channels until they show the videos. The only good host I like is the PEEP Show's Dylan. Unless these greedy executives would actually consider good pronunciation skills over good looks, the VJ is dead...

Rants: Our homegrown singer Charice Pempengco, while making waves internationally, looks just like a potential date for Frodo Baggins. And have you heard her actually sing? All she does is do a rhythmic screaming, or puro birit. It's just too much. I want a Build-A-Figure Marvel legends Sentinel!!!! Also, Tom the cat doesn't actually look old in the latest cartoons, only in the episode I watched where Tom joined a beauty pageant for cats. See? Make-up can make you look old. Go figure.

-"the king"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Audiences, Mr. Bill Watterson and Tom and Jerry...

The internet is a very vast sea of knowledge, information and free stuff (i.e. music, smuggled novels and good ol' porn). Back then, you have to wait a few weeks before someone would rant your latest work (if you were a cartoonist or a writer). Now, it just takes minutes to see insults or praises on the internet the moment your work comes out of the newstands and bookstores, or anything it comes out of. In particular, there is this thing on the internet called "message boards" that can have a healthy dose of replies ranging from the obscene to the richest in information of a certain subject matter, sometimes not relating to the original post.

Which actually brings me to my usual musings while thinking of a new post. No matter how obscure or boring your contributions to the internet are, someone will read it, either your classmate from highschool, a dork from Cleveland, Ohio or a stranger with a lot of time on his hands at a local internet shop. Maybe that person will find something inspiring at your contribution or feel better at his/herself by seeing at how stupid your contributions are. What I'm saying is, because of the internet, you, too, can have an audience.

Having also bought a the first collected book of Mr. Bill Watterson's famous work Calvin And Hobbes, you have to admire the man who made reading at the funny pages less humiliating. For those who don't know this seminal comic strip (gasp! how could you?) It's about a 6 year-old kid who finds companionship on his stuffed tiger. (for some cool info, check out He "thinks" that his plush toy is alive, and they go on crazy mischiefs, much to the dismay of his parents. It had a good run, lasting 10 years at newspapers. Since then, no comic strip has ever been this influential. My only gripe about the creator is that he really, really refused to have his work translated to animated form and merchandising. He says that if someone would "butcher his babies" it would be best if it came from him. While I do agree with him at a certain point ( I mean, wouldn't you find it ridiculous to see Calvin and Hobbes-branded calculators?) it wouldn't hurt to see some merchandise without resorting to buying bootlegs at Recto. Plus, I've seen a picture of the creator, and well, he looks like a dork. But an intelligent dork, nonetheless...

In closing, I've made an observation while watching the new cartoon series "Tom and Jerry Tales" at Cartoon Network. I don't know about you, but is Tom (the cat) look kinda... old? His face looks wrinkled at the new cartoons. I guess being in a cat and mouse chase since 1940 would take it's toll on the poor cat. But that's just me...

Rants: Pupils' new video "Disconnection Notice" is proof that Ely Buendia has finally come out of his Eraserheads shadow. Bring "The Cure" here!!!! Valerie "Bangs" Garcia is my new fantasy woman... Hotchi Motchi!!!

-"the king"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lame TV Shows, Music Faves and Milking Eraserheads...

It is raining as I type this, and I would've preferred if there some blues music playing in the background, but I think better if there are no music playing...sometimes. It would set my mood for some bittersweet atmosphere. You could say the cold nights are almost here...

Ever since the historical Eraserheads reunion concert back in August, there have been many attempts to capitalize on the phenomenon that happened (*cough MYX cough*). There are feature articles, interviews from the people who mentored the band, documentaries on their rise and fall and their albums displayed prominently at record bars. While I do love their songs (my favorites are the unreleased track "Sa Tollgate", "Julie Tearjerky", "Ligaya" and "Minsan") and paved the way for other "garage" bands, this is a perfect example of "capitalizing" the craze. (just like P.Diddy did to the late Notorious B.I.G.) . But hey, if people wanted more of 'Heads factoids, fine by me... just don't overdo it.

There is a tv show I've watched a few years back on MTV. It's about a group of 5 people trying to break some world records travelling around the U.S.A. on their customized RV. It's called "Call to Greatness". I say it's more like "Call to LAMEness". I man, I don't know about you, but these records they're trying to break just border on the stupid and uselessness. Farthest throw using a Tuba player? Most number of Juggles using a Silicon? Farthest travel on a bed mounted with wheels for 20 minutes? Oh, C'mon!!! What happened to those simple records, like most number of burgers in one sitting? Well, at least they have a cool logo.

My current music faves playing at MTV or myx are the Various female artists "Just Stand Up" (Miley Cyrus' contribution there is really, really out of place.) The TingTing's "Shut Up and Let me Go" (nice video, too.) "If I were A Boy" by Beyonce (is it me, or do most of my faves are from divas? Gak!!!)

-"the king"

Friday, October 31, 2008

U.S. Economy, Friends and Drawing...

There are a lot of things that happened, or a lot of things I have given thought to (which would give you an idea of how smart I am. I'm like that all the time...) besides the usual surfing through our obscure-but-still-useful laptop (name pending) read and amazed at the 100th issue of FHM (Hachi Machi!!! Rowr!) and played more games at Venus.

There is this one post at my usual website where I get my toy, erm, collectible stuff news that really brought my attention, or at least gave me a glimpse of how hard life is at America. Here's a quote (or visit it at " the U.S. economy is in a downward spiral, and because of rising oil costs and general inflation toy collecting has become very expensive of late... Also, I’ve just been really busy lately with… life. As such, I’ve hit a sort of crossroads. I feel like right now I need to be saving what money I have instead of spending it on action figures. I know that’s a bummer, but it is what it is...I’m not going anywhere. I just can’t really afford new toys these days!"

Coming from a guy (which I don't know much about him, but hey, common ground) who collects toys and something like that came out of his mouth (figuratively), you could say that the economy is really in DEEP FRIED SH*T. I guess that we really need to focus on the important stuff. I've also given thought on the things I buy. Could probably do with bootlegged items.

Also, even though I feel like I'm always working, I'm glad that I'm still able to see my college friends and do some crazy stuff. Although their idea of a good time is somewhat...timid, they're a good theraphy for the stressed. I've got to admit there are some things that I wish I could have done while I'm at college ( I believe that I also posted this comment a few months ago...) But hey, that's why there is a word such as progress...

I miss the times when I was able to speak to them on the phone and just talk about anything and the constant advice, but LIFE HAPPENED. Ah well, I wish that we would still be in contact with each other...

Speaking of friends, my friend really made his dream come true, by releasing his independent comic book (the xeroed kind) to the public. I was finally able to see the actual, tangible work from my friend. I know he wants to do this for some time now, and I'm happy for him. (Plug: check out their works at with the keyword silent sanctum. My friend, I'll be expecting my free comic anytime soon...)

I want to draw, y'know. Like release some of my "portfolio" to deviantart but the thing is,

1. I need a scanner
2. Learn that damn Photoshop and,
3. Time, motherf*ckin' Time.

Well, at least I'm writing, still able to grind my creative gears. And I doodle. I also keep some good story ideas to myself for future bucks. Maybe I'm posting this because I believe in the future, and that someday...

I will.

(now how's that for dramatic?)

-"the king"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The "Try It" List...

Whoa, it's been that long, huh? Haven't had much time these past few weeks to post, what with some new downloaded games for Venus (my psp), went (almost) drunk at a friend's one-year-old child birthday and well, really, just got lazy.

But I've mustered enough strength and went to our home PC and decided to post some motherf*ckin' blog!!! I've also thought of a new subject matter for today's post. I call it the "try it" list. Basically some things I've tried and liked it. Whether it's a videogame, music or tv show I've recently devulged in, I say to all you people who are bored out of their mind, "TRY IT" :

... painter extraordinaire Alex Ross was currently commissioned to work on the cover of the kollector's edition of theNorth American version of Mortal Kombat v.s. DC Universe for the PS3 and Xbox360. The image is very innovative. Check it here : hope the gameplay is good. I mean, who wouldn't want to play as Batman crackin' skulls with Scorpion? TRY IT...

....Watch the Jason Segel-lead (the tall guy from another hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother) movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall on whatever format that you could find (i.e. pirated) It's the funniest movie I've ever seen. It's about a songwriter who just got dumped by his hot celebrity girlfriend. The guy is so devastated by the breakup that he went to hawaii to froget about her when she is also on the island along with her new boyfriend. The movie is so witty and features one nude scene. I'm not gonna say who, just TRY IT...

.... If you love tongue-in-cheek parody of famous video game characters crammed in one game, then try the psp or ps2 version of Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 (either versions are identical) For those not in the know, Asterix is a famous European comic book character in a time when Rome is invading all parts of the world. He is almost as old as Spiderman. But if you know your European comic culture, they prefer non-superhero stories, focusing more on real adventures of people. And even though the game is short (you could finish it in a weekend) it's still fun to play. Anyway, the game has full of videogame character references, here's a short list: Sam Fisher , Ryu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong, Mario, Ratchet and Clank, Space Invaders, Lara Croft and Rayman. Whew! That's a long list. TRY IT...

... Lastly, try listening to Natasha Bedingfield's new single " Pocket full of Sunshine" It's very upbeat and colorful. TRY IT...

Well that's all the things I want to lay some dirt on you people... stay sharp, and I can't wait for the complete season 4 of How I Met your Mother. Awesome!!!!!

- "the king"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big Surprises, Turning 23 and Ellen Degeneres...

My Birthday just passed by, albeit many people seemed to forget that my birthday was last September 29 and not 30. A well, I appreciate the effort anyway. It's also hard to invite old friends over since they're busy (even on a Sunday? Even on a Sunday, friend.) I guess it won't be long before only a few would still be communicated. Also, turning 23 doesn't really change much. Quoting Garfield, " I'm learning something new every day!... And forgetting two things."

It's pretty surprising how things came out. Take, for example, channel 5, now called TV5. Last time there were numerous revamps that really fizzled. But this time it really blown out of that little channel that nobody cared about. I love watching the new movies, Ogags (i.e. Pinoy Jackass) Seems they were challenged by the past article written by that obviously-gay Butch Francisco titled (somewhat) "Why Channel 5 will never be Famous"

Another example worth noting is that gigantic building near the Monumento (which would give you the idea of where I live. Kinda.) For years that is just a worthless "white elephant" No one is using it. But now it was reincarnated as the Victory Central Mall. Many people go there for some cheap clothes, quality food and business oppurtunities. There are like 6 floors there that the top floors still haven't been used. If ever you readers would pass by Monumento, give it a try.

I'm always duped into buying an item I regularly wouldn't buy just because of two words pasted into the said product: "Limited Edition". I'm a sucker for those. (Sample Scenario: "Cool, a limited-Edition eyeliner? I've gotta buy one!!!)

Rants: Glad that Hale has shifted their subject matter to happier and melodic songs. After all, leave it to those f*ck Emo Bands. Speaking of Emo, it won't be long that those silly haircuts will be gone... replaced by sillier hairdo!!! Crap!!! Ellen Degeneres' show is very heartwarming, but I really hate how she talks. She stutters so much (just like me, fine.) Rico Blanco's new single "Yugto" does compare well to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

-"the king"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bringing Back My Gamer Side...

I've been pretty busy lately, having purchased a PSP with the cash given by my folks as a Christmas and Birthday rolled into one (how do you like them apples?) I've also christened her "Venus", based on the Roman God of... something. I forgot my mythology, you can just look it up at Wikipedia. At first my choices are "Ehra" (for my current fantasy female) or "Morena" (my preferred color of a woman) but opted for a more universal and "cleaner' name. Weird, but I like to name my game systems, like my old Playstation2 "Bubbles".

The PSP is a very multimedia machine, and to me, stomps the f*ckin' Nintendo DS and eats it for dinner. Honestly, the games for the DS, while somewhat creative (with the use of the dual-screens and a stylus) are too gimmicky and childish.

And yeah, I'm glad I got my GAMER side back. It's been like two years since I've played in a home console. I've only settled in those Timezone arcades with the usual shooting, basketball and pinball these past few months. While great, I clamor for a cinematic and long gameplay experience. In other words, I'm glad I'm back, baby!!!

And oh, yeah, that custom toy? It's good, but not great. Some of paint is chipping off, and one of clay that is placed on the figure fell off. But nonetheless, the dude is faithful (somewhat) to my designs... I'll post a pic soon as my computer doesn't recognize any USB... F*ck.

Rants... I really hate people who post too much of their pictures in Friendster. I hate those "Japanese" ( your pointing and middle finger raised like a peace sign fashioned sideways near the eye.) Heck, I know one particular female who does that, and it f*ckin' pisses me off. You know who you are. Haha. The Jonas Brothers need to die... Or get out of the fanbase of giggly 11-17 year old girls.

- "the king"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toy Chest, Nostalgia and Relaxation...

It's particularly a slow week today, or the fact I'm not in my ranting mood (which is a lucky break for all stupid stuff, horrible songs and anything Hale/Spongecola) So rejoice if you'll find this post pretty short. I, for one, would prefer some blog posts to be concise...

A few posts ago I said that I want to purchase the complete set of Legendary Comic Book Heroes Series 2 or the "Monkeyman Series"( since I saw a complete set at a department store, but I found it to be expensive. Well, guess what, I managed to buy them all at a discounted price!!! Seems the local distributor of the toy line and the like decided to cut 1/3% of the price since it is a year old. I managed to "score" all six of the figures and connected the 11-inch tall, 7-inch wide Monkeyman!!! Sweet!!! He's big, has lots of articulation and a darn f*ckin' monkey.

Y'know, call me a nerd, but I find it amusing to have these figures. Well, to each his own. After all, I see a guy fiddling with his car (or "ride") and you don't see me call him a "mechanic jerk" or "grease monkey" Plus, I've also taken interest in designing new looks for established characters and have a toy customizer build it using some scrap action figures. I've already given him an assignment. Will it be gnarly? Find out soon...

I've uncovered some stuff while fixing my room and man, nostalgia really creeps you when you look at a photograph or some random stuff from the past. Here's a post from my Music.Love... blog about it: " I've been on a nostlagic trip lately, looking at old photographs and visiting friends. I miss those days, and not all the power of the world can bring them back, unless you have a Delorean from the movie trilogy Back to the Future. See? That's an old movie, and that's proof of me being nostalgic. And do you guys remember local anime magazine Questor? Or Nickelodeon cartoon Action League Now? It's good to remember... "

Lastly, it is important to get some time for yourself. It adds years to your life and you look young than your birth-age. Here's some suggestions to relax, or as some people call it now, "chillax" :

- Shop for some crap
- Go online and laugh at some guy's post at a message board
- Read some blog and laugh at some guy's post
- Find interesting what-have-you's online
- Look at some chick's pics (e.g.

In closing, don't you find it REALLY irritating that some idiot would play their favorite music at a closed space or a public transportation? O r even hum/sing it? Makes you want to whack him/her/it a canteen tray on his/her/it head .

-"the king"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pinball, Ehra Madrigal's "Twins" and Rule of Three...

Well, as I'm posting this I'm pretty exhausted from work and the humid (have you all noticed how hot it is in the afternoon more than ever?) But I'm glad for my rest day today as I've a lot to catch up on lost sleep.

Y'know, even though work is stressful, I've always managed to enjoy my free time. Ever since I've tried to incorporate exercise in my visits to local arcade Timezone at Waltermart Makati (you can easily identify me there wearing pambahay clothes) I'm grown addicted to pinball. Yes, motherf*ckin' PINBALL. I admit, At first it seems daunting to play, what with all of the compex structures of the game and the rather expensive play. But I gave it a try (it was a Lord of the Rings-themed table.) and I never stopped. I don't care if it's 18php per play. I like racking up massive points and catching the attention of curious onlookers, probably thinkin' Man this kid can play. I even tried the The Simpsons and Pirates of the Caribbean-themed tables at other Timezone branches. I'll bet that there are local serious devotees of this ancient game, and I hope there are tournaments that I could join. They say that pinball is bad becuse it's a game of chance, not skill. Not true. But what I can say is it is like a slot machine. It's damn addicting...

Seeing Ehra Madrigal's picture at the Bench Underwear show really gets my blood pumping. I mean, damn she's hot. What I fear is that her body, upon closer inspection (*wink wink*) is the type that is very pudgy if not given the proper attention. In short, matabain. May I suggest that I take care of her figure? Heheheh... Let me also quote a classic line from my friendster blog: "THOSE.ARE.THE.BIGGEST.PERFECT.BREASTS.WE.HAVE.EVER.SEEN.EVER...I feel like Jim Carrey's character's reaction in the movie Liar Liar where he's in the elevator with a new tenant and this buxom chick wanted to know why many fellow tenants are nice to her. "

I've been meaning to write about the significance of the number three (3). I believe it is time to disclose to all of you my fantastic theory. Y'see, back at first year college, a proxy prof taught us how to draw human faces and anatomy. He gave us a "rule of three"; basically a technique to equally divide parts of the face and body to achive dimension and realism. Then a few years later I've deduced that all things are balanced in threes. There's Jokes. (you notice that all "wala ka sa lolo ko..." jokes have three persons telling stories before building up to the punchline?) Composition ( an artist balances an artwork using an imaginary triangle.) Even pinball gives you three tries to get a high score. Some of you may disagree with me, but I dare say it is real...

Rants: The Eraserheads Reunion concert did rejuvenate OPM music. I've heard people who sells cigarettes sing tunes of "Kailan" on the street. I say, there should be a Part Two, or else.

-"the king"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Groening, Monster Trucks and Dealing with College Students...

I gotta admit, I always wanted to dedicate a little bit of time collecting subjects to discuss (or rant) in this blog of mine. It's very fulfilling to express your thoughts in the world wide web, where almost everybody can get famous. As much as possible, I also don't want to post personal-diary stuff on my blog. Why? Well, 1. It can get dramatic 2. People don't really want to know what you did during the day (unless it is of scandalous nature, or you're a damn celebrity) and 3. well, I just had to inlude the number 3. It is a universal number. You'll find out soon...

Anyway, I've bought a July 2008 issue of Playboy Philippines simply because of an interview with The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. His answers are very informative and funny. Here's an excerpt (buy the issue...)

On the Movie: " We're playing around with the pacing. No, we're not padding it with a lot of songs. We tried."

The Simpsons Hair: "...what was memorable in cartoons was characters you could identify in silohoutte. That's why [they] have distinctive hairlines"

On the thousands of merchandise: "We have turned a few things down, believe it or not. We turned down Simpsons slot machines..."

On memory: " I can't remember... having done 400 episodes... I have only a certain amount of space in my brain for Simpsons knowledge."

Having also watched an episode of Monster Jam ( showing on Maxxx, I have come to a conclusion that this is the kind of television that you will be entertained and watch for a few minutes. It stacks up there with wrestling and Olympics.

It would be entertaining and grand if I would become a professor at a college. For one, I would make my students research their assignments and projects the old-fashioned way: library. I wouldn't allow them to research it online. It would be too easy. I experienced that this generation is a point-click-copy-paste generation. They would rather dedicate their time playing DOTA (which I'm a fan of) than hit the books. So I would make sure that their research is not, shall I say, a Wikipedia-ripped one. Haha...

Do check out this site: It is an extremely well-written and insult-laden site for fans of that yellow, gluttonous 8-bit videogame icon. It may lack menus (all of the information is placed on one page.) but it is very informative. Check it even if you're not a videogame freak (Gasp! How dare you??!!) I love listening also to Urbandub's new single "Fight Is Over" and Weezer's "Pork And Beans"

- "the king"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Rants , Quasi-Sex Scenes and Common Assholes...

Y'know, I've been doing some heavy thinking (a rare feat) and wondered what makes this blog different from my Friendster blog?

Well, my Friendster blog has more history and a cult following. This, however, I've tried to be more interactive, adding links and font colors to add attention to the reader (which I'm hoping is developing) and I guess all my thoughts are a little personal now, telling my stories. All my posts will be placed on this and not my Music.Love.Gore... blog. Although I don't want to ignore my original fans... (notice my celebrity twang...)

It's also really hard not to post some very mean stuff on people you hate. I would love to, but I fear that I might regret it in the future. And besides, it's pretty juvenile and will add more to my receding hairline. (OK, I admit it, but I'll expound on it at another time.) So, I'll just quote my early post " There are many cruel, ugly, stupid and snobbish people on this earth...F*CK YOU, YOU CRUEL, UGLY, STUPID AND SNOBBISH PEOPLE THAT I KNOW"

A few days ago I was able to watch on DVD the movie "Good Luck Chuck" starring Dane Cook and the very statuesque Jessica Alba. The movie is very sexist (it has a 3% rating at but despite that, I enjoyed it. Heck, all testosterone-driven men will like the movie (I love actor Dan Fogler's horny-as-hell character). It has, in my opinion, the best quasi-sex scene of a movie. The part where Cook and Alba are kissing each other and Cook prefers his women to be bra-less. Alba, infatuated by Cook, takes out her bra from her blouse. Wow. And the part where Alba is seducing Cook by undressing him and herself plus whsipering "this is gonna be your best night ever..." And also the part where Cook, trying to avoid physically seeing Alba as fear of his "charm" might affect her, she tries to convince him to come to her house, even doing phone sex and sending a racy picture. And when he did, hallwathey really wrecked Alba's living room and the hallway leading to her bedroom. Man, it's good!!! Just watch the damn movie...

Random rants: Jason Statham and Jet Li faced off in an action movie, so why not Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson? The two actors are well-built and have appeared in action and comedy films. Remember Dino-Riders? They're so cool (check out this website Too bad my toys are either broken or incomplete. Lastly, check out this website, where they explored " existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb." In layman's terms, making Mr. Arbuckle more pathetic than ever. It's very "alternative" and disturbing at the same time...

-"the king"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Libido And Floodwater Rising...

Yesterday was something else. I have one of the most terrible and near-death experience (you read that right...) that happened to me.

It was August 31, the night before that me and my officemates watched a musical and acrobatic show held in PAGCOR Paranaque called Wanders. I'm sure that you people saw it on tv and some print media. We got FREE front-row tickets courtesy of my generous officemate (thanks, ailene!!!) The show was great, there are lots of breathtaking stunts performed by these Chinese and Russian acrobats. But the one thing that stood out is an act where there are lots of flamboyant women gyrating in skimpy outfits. Wow. There's even a chick being lowered from the ceiling sitting in a swing. That's like one of my fantasies. That act is like what the inside of my head is like. Hahahaha...

After some minor gambling and drinking, I got home to Makati late next morning and slept for a while. I was about to go home to Malabon when rain poured outside. It rained hard. After it drizzled a little, I decided to go home. To my surprise, there's floodwater everywhere!!! From the route I'm supposed to take (Gil Puyat going to LRT Station) I waded in hip-deep of flood. There are lots of stranded passengers and cars stuck in flood. There are instances when a bus would pass by and there's a wave hitting us. It was crazy.

Then when I passed the landmark, functioning Railroad near a famous Condo, I almost went straight ahead at what I thought was a puddle. Good thing some guy stopped me and informed that that was a canal. It was very deep and if nobody stopped me, I would have fallen there and maybe taken by a current and got washed up to Manila Bay. Seriously, I'm glad somebody stopped me. I admit I forgot that canal and was a little ignorant. I thank the heavens above that I am still here, blogging.

Random Rants: Pedicab's new single "Ang Pusa Mo" is raunchy, violent and has an infectous beat. Plus it has chicks!!! Two of them I recognize: Dylan from JACK TV's The PEEP Show and cosplay chick Alodia Gosiengfiao (check her out I have read news that Marvel Toys will not produce any "Legendary ComicBook Heroes" line anymore (see pics at, so I have interests of buying their second wave and building the figure MonkeyMan A retail store near Monumento carries all of the figures, so I plan to purchase them all, despite the combined 3000php price tag. Let's just see what happens... I need to check my salary first.

- "the king"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Starting Out with A Bang...

This is, for the most part, the hardest part. Thinking of a subject to write about is always tricky. It's like when you're at the Videoke Bar and that giant Songbook was handed to you and then forgetting what you want to sing (you know that happens to you) or when you're downloading songs for your MP3 Player (or iPod, whatever, ) and forgetting what you wanted at the first place. I could go on and on and on...

Well, what can I talk about?

How about the fact I'm not new at this, y'see, my little chickadees, if you have a Friendster (the ultimate stalker material!) account,, I've been "blogging" for almost three years now. I must admit, I have a few "fans" and "critics" but nontheless I've poured my insulting side on that blog. From band Typecast's fugly hair to Winnie the Pooh's weird voice, I've insulted it all. And I'm not stopping 'coz you people care... Maybe.

And, I love my blog title. Music.Love.Gore.Spoofs.Crap.More? Why that title? Well, let me qoute my blog entry three years ago, "as you can see, my blog name is inspired by album titles of gwen stefani ( and stereophonics (or is their name dakota? both words are good band names.)
they're summarized and embodies most on my mind. i don't know, it sounds catchy and such. "

And I do random rants there so here goes: SpiderMan 3 action figures are a good bargain. Discounted at 200php, they're very detailed and has lots of articulation. Buy them now at your nearest Toystore. '57 Chevy Bel-Air rocks. The EraserHeads Reunion Concert will rejuvenate good ol' OPM... Maybe.

-"the king"