Monday, October 12, 2015

Last Hurrah?

- Wow. Just Wow.

- I never thought I would be writing again after all these months, I mean, my last blog post was like a send-off of sorts when you actually look at it and if you know me very well (which is, not a lot)

- Facebook, Work and ToyTripping is what's keeping me busy these days.

- What the Hell's "ToyTripping", you may ask? It's something I came up when I'm setting up my own Facebook page to showcase my quirky Toy Photographs. It's a take on "FoodTripping", "PowerTripping" etc. etc. Back then my photographs are taken with grainy camera phones and few set-ups needed, like these:

- Now fast forward a few years, I've discovered cropping, Photoshop, shooting outside with a natural light and cardboard background cut-outs and my shots have been elevated to a new level ( kinda ). And the people commending it on social media have made it even better for me as an artist and to think more crazy set-ups and such. Here are some samples:

- So this is what's keeping me busy these days, granted, this can be a "phase" where I will grow tired of it after a few years, but I can understand that. After all, Man needs to explore, to find their true calling, if I can use that word here. Maybe I'll venture to customizing action figures or flower-arranging, perhaps? One can never know.

- So that's it. Maybe I'll write another post tomorrow, or maybe the next 8 months, but I just want everybody to know I'm doing alright and it feels good to type random sh*t on my blog using my trusty ( and rusty ) laptop again. Cheers.

- "the king"


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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Age is A Number...

You get irritated easily. You worry about your health. You try to tick everything off your "Bucket List". You think that your generation is a lot better than today's generation in terms of music, culture, playtime, social behavior and just about anything. Ah yes, how times have changed.

As I look into my wonderful (?) blog and get that warm fuzzy feeling on my posts, I realize my anger on almost anything that I would rant. I am slightly embarrassed that I would say something like that, although there are still some posts that I firmly stand on. That's why I tried to be objective rather than subjective recently. Have I mellowed out? Yeah, you could say that. But why? Age does that to you.

As you grow older, when your age no longer belongs to any of the dates on the calendar, you realize that the things that you are ranting about are just a waste of your time. You care less about the bullsh*t on the world and prioritize on security, health and family. So does this mean that you regret those things? Heck no.

Like Eminem when he was really famous back in the early 2000s, he said some nasty things about his Mother, Homosexuals and just about anything he can stab at. Fast forward a few years later, his music has direction. He wrote a song apologizing to his mother. He performed his hit song "Stan" Live with Elton John, a famous homosexual. He keeps on saying on his music that he hopes that he is helping today's bullied kids that they are not alone. His music is still angry, but not fuming mad. That's what I feel right now. Sometimes you need an outlet for your anger to know yourself and find meaning to your life.

Wow. You know, I never ever thought I would be something like this, like an Ex-Con who found Peace, A Purpose. I guess I found out that there are some things that you cannot take control of, that you just have to let it slide instead of ranting about it and be labeled as a "Le Douchebag". 

Well, we could go with a few liberties, like I can poke some things, things that a lot of people can agree on (like Traffic at EDSA, perhaps?) so-funny-because-it's-true (observations at public commutes) and the like. As I would like to think, be like Eminem: Angry, but not Furious.

Next time maybe I'll try to be like Bruce Lee.

- "the king"