Monday, April 26, 2010

My Past Addictions...

I’ve been meaning to write this down for a long time, but work, sloth and updating my deviantart page takes up most of my time. Besides, updating deviantart just takes a few minutes of my time. No need really to make my gears on my brain work that much. Then, after that I can settle for internet porn. Haha.

Anyway, what I’m discussing here are the hobbies or things I’ve been wasting my time and money on during my childhood up to now. I felt the urge to enumerate them…( I’m really a sucker for nostalgia) So I’ll list them down using the the level of education as a guide…

Kinder/Grade school- I love watching cartoons. Back then we had no cable, so I had to settle on some great to crappy shows. Some of the best are at TV 5. I watch tv all time that I have trouble with my studies. Especially Math. I also loved reading books about the solar system and dinosaurs. I also played with my toys bought by my dad and the plush toys that my dad won at the then-famous Whimsy’s Place at Shangrila-Plaza. Even back then I’m not a social person, so I always play with myself and my sister. It was pretty hard sometimes because I always get verbally abused by my classmates. So those things are like my escape from the harsh world (cue violin music)

High school- Even though I already started playing videogames via the Sega Genesis (instead of the usual Famicom) the original Playstation took most of my younger years. Why? Games were a lot cheaper. Genesis cartridges are 700p each. For only 100php you get 3 Playstation games. I also burned most of my money on buying videogame magazines. My favorite is Electronic Gaming Monthly, or EGM for short. I was also one of the people that got hooked on the anime craze, thanks to the crazy ads from GMA 7. That is also the first time I experienced going to a convention. The people there are crazy, I tell you. Then I became a fan of Linkin Park, and thanks to them I got more engrossed with music than ever. Heck, I rapped "Papercut" at our stage in High school.

College- Playing PS2, reading and buying magazines and playing with friends at the computer shop (or called Internet Shop/Café ) took most of time in college, besides studying , of course. This was also the time I opened my eyes to the female anatomy and male hormones, thanks to FHM. I would buy them at first because of the curvaceous beauties, but got engrossed with the content as well. Heck, I even bought them to class as well. Yeah, I’m a perv. I also dabbled in collecting newer releases of toys, or I call “collectibles”.

Work/Real Life- Call me a late bloomer, but this was the time that I really got into drinking beer with my colleagues after work. I also got more into collecting different kinds of “collectibles”, ranging from superheroes to small-scale cars. I also updated my wardrobe by buying lots of statement shirts thanks to the money I earn from work.

So there, whew. Took a while, but I did it. So, what’s your addiction?

-"the king"

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