Saturday, August 7, 2010


Not really busy with anything, it's just that it's rather hard to make a very concise blog. What I'm busy at is slacking off at my Facebook and deviantart accounts. They can be very addicting.

Besides losing weight, going to America to attend either San Diego Comic Con or E3 and doin' Bangs Garcia
, one of my greatest wishes is to make people laugh. Even though I have the knack to do that in front of my colleagues, sometimes it's a hit-and-miss. My jokes can be corny. What I'm really opting for is a performance like Chris Hardwick, the host from G4's Web Soup. The show is about a collection of the weirdest, funniest and downright disturbing videos found on the internet. I love how he has a witty remark on all of them. (coincidentally, he provided the voice for Otis, the smart-talking cow from the spin-off series Back at the Barnyard, which I also love)

I hope in the years that follow I would be able to do that. Heck, I have ideas for a late-night TV talk show, like what Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien and Jojo Alejar are doing. I mean, I have a funny remark from every current event that is happening. It's the delivery that I'm worried about...

Rants: I was reminded of the Disney Channel animated series American Dragon and I'm appalled at the stereotyping of the characters. There is an African-American woman who talks like a rap star and the protagonist talking like a skater-poser. Lame. Someone needs to cut Justin Bieber's ridiculous hairdo. Paging Edward Scissorhands... And I want to play Beer Pong.

-"the king"

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