Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Torpe Road (Pit Stop)

It's been a while since I've posted something here, but I am a writer, and I do have my moods (palusot!!)

Well, actually, I have internet problem (in short, walang load) and I do have a hard time writing what with my call-center lifestyle of "kain-tulog-idlip-nuod-ng-konting-TV-pikit-ng-konti-ang-mga-mata-pahinga" ek-ek... So my rest days are wasted on FB and writing more of my past. And oh, manual labor.

So here is a "pit stop" to sate your appetite while waiting for the next "Road" (soon, I promise) heck, I might even do more of this since I could post my playlists when I was young, post some excerpts from my "journal" that I'm writing on for 4 years or anything in between...

Anyway, here some music I am listening to get myself in the mood for being the "Lonely Torpe Traveler"

here is also something that I really love to listen back in highschool.. .it was a treat to download this on my laptop recently.

here is also something that I associated this song when New
Zealand broke my heart... I remember that I cried to this once...

And the ultimate anthem for the Torpe:

As a parting shot, here are some images I've edited using PhotoShop (model is Jahziel Manabat, Premiere Condoms Model Contestant) Like her on FaceBook,


Silent Sanctum Manga said...

Dapat di mo minemention kung saan mo kinukuha yung mga pics.Para mapapaisip sila,at di sila makakatulog tapus babalik-balikan nila yung site mo.

Daywalkerlive said...

I found The FHM scandal:
'PBB UNLIMITED Jahziel Manabat 'Video Scandal Leaked | MYXTV