Sunday, August 28, 2011

Click Click Click

- got nothin' to do today, which is something I relish.

- wanted to buy some collectibles on my "Wish List" which I've posted on my Facebook page. Some of the items I want are:

- just took a cue from some fellow FB friends who also collect. I believe they post their most-sought -after items just so that other friends may have that said item and may want to sell it. Plus there's also a belief of mine that "if you wish/show it to others, it may come true..."

- I really appreciated a friend of mine who spread the word of my blog to his friends. I thought that it'd be right to also spread some of my peep's advocacy to you people who read this blog or just clicked at the upper-left portion of "Next Blog>>". Heck, I did twice or thrice.

- Very varied blog. Speaks in gay language sometimes and has a Vice Ganda sense of humor which I find very humorous. Sample dialogue: I always tell myself "How I wish I'm like them who knows how to play with words and entertain whoever gets to read it" (aside from asking, "San ba nakakabili ng creative juices, bibili ako ng 10 gallons ng mainom") =) Click here.

- Fellow officemate who has a special skill of "tracing" photographs and recoloring them to add some pizzazz (it's called vector design for boneheads) Click HERE

- my "smooth" friend's metal band. The vocalist screams a lot na medyo sabog (or it's just the closed place that they played. ) but I'm sure they would be able to tweak it once they would release an album. He even looks the part of a metal guitarist because of his long hair. Check their fan page HERE.

- If you like puns, offbeat humor and anything in between, check my colleague's blog HERE. Some of the post can be NSFW, BTW.

- my odd friend's art photos. If you want a commission or something done to your bedroom wall (he's into graffiti now ) contact him and thank me later. Oh, he's HERE.

- Lastly, my old friend's blog. Love his blog title ( i can write stuff other than source codes, y'know? ) and are mostly on his views of the day, technology talk and nostalgia. HERE he is.
- so that's it, pansit!!! Hopefully you guys would check it even for just a few minutes of your time. In closing, I want to be revered like this guy:

- or if not him, maybe him.
- "the king"

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