Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Torpe Road Recap

It’s almost the end of the “Road” for me and I admit I enjoyed the fame, however small it may be. I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish this on time. I was planning on finishing the whole memoirs by the end of the year (2011) but y’know, I gots lazy. Plus it can be difficult to write a 4-page story loaded with wit, humor and past events with my brain 110% focused and it being easily distracted (damn you internet!!!).

I would like to thank the people who have read all of blog posts (you know who you are) and apologize for the 3-4 months of waiting for the next post.

While I am still waiting for a call from any local or foreign publisher to collect all my “The Torpe Road” entries into one book (bakit hindi? Itsh mah dream, you know? Besides seeing the Eiffel Tower and banging Bangs Garcia, of course)

I thought that before giving out one of my last “Road” post it would be fitting to give a recap on all the past accounts that I had. It’s like a “catch-up” before giving out the finale. Tsaka baka me mga nagbabasa na di pa nabasa yung ibang post ko, o kaya tinatamad na hanapin yung previous entries (I know some people) so here they are, conveniently in one post plus quote(s) from the said post to make you be interested in reading it plus a link, of course.

P.S. Up to now I really thought the idea of replacing the girl’s name with the name of the place that they currently live are pretty clever. Thanks, Men’s Health magazine contributor.

“…we [had a] prom [on our] graduating year. While chatting with my friends New Zealand suddenly appeared. Man, I swore when I saw her beautiful music was playing. The appropriate song would be “She” by Elvis Costello.”
“[She] gave me a small letter folded and stapled...I opened the letter and it read… I have fallen in love with you”
I want to meet [her]…and she agreed. When I walked there a woman stood up and smiled. It’s a good thing she recognized [me] since she looked a little different while wearing her Nurse uniform. She looks beautiful. I mean, I’m a sucker for women in uniform…”
“[I was talking to her over the] phone that night [and asked] bakit di na lang maging tayo… bakit di natin subukan?”
“I always sense that she perceives me as a very smart and mature guy, and hope that in the process of being with her when we are traveling together would make her forget that [other] guy and be with me instead”
I also noticed that while I was talking to her [on our date] she kept on checking her celfone and texting someone.”
“I gave [the gifts] to her the next day and she thanked for the gesture but parang naramdaman ko na di sya interesado sa ginawa ko.”

So there they are. See, you’re not alone in this, Mr. Emo-guy-na-wala-pang-girlfriend-since-birth. I’ve been there. And, looking at my previous entries, some of them have grammatical errors and typos. Again, I apologize. I’ll fix them soon, but at least nandun pa rin yung idea.


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