Friday, February 24, 2012

Rants Galore

- It has been a while since I've ranted on this blog. I had to sacrifice that so I could tell my story on the many, many women that I've caroused before. And now that it is done ( plus a "reaction paper" of sorts to those who have reacted ) I feel like I want to set fire to a building.

- I want to say a lot, I just don't know where to start.

- Heck, there are some things I want to say that are pretty political. Well, here goes:

- I think people joining the marathon as a way to
"save the environment" is a big baloney. For one, the money that you pay mostly goes to the drinks that they would give to the thirsty runners, those numbers that you place on your body, prize giveaways, the rent of the road, the security to avoid having runners being run over by motorists and the goodie bags ( I remember a conversation one time that there was this one guy that joined a marathon just to get the giveaways like the tote bag and lanyard and didn't finish it ). So only 20% of your money goes to the environment. Sure, you could think about the sponsors and the government shelling out cash just for promotion and a humanitarian effort, but I still think they'd get money from the registration fee. So for me, run just to meet new people and to melt some few pounds.

- Because of the popularity of social networks, I find it quite irritating that there people complaining of an "invasion of privacy". PLEASE. There are "apps" on Facebook, for example, that tells your friends of where you are at that exact moment. So the "invasion of privacy" skit? You're creating your own ways of invading your privacy.
- Every time I go to the grocery, I'm quite impressed by the huge number of foods available, ranging from fresh produce to processed foods. So it is pretty impossible that there are lots of hungry people out there. We people of the world are just greedy, that's all.

- I also notice that the ratio of trees to buildings in a cityscape is 2:15. That's why there is that "global warming" thing. A lot of architects, engineers and the CEOs of those buildings can sacrifice a little space just for those trees to grow more. Sure there are still some that growing out of a condominium, BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH.

- No matter how smart you are in this world, it's quite sad that men judge women by their cup sizes.
- Because of the humor website 9gag, many people all over the 'net would say juvenile things like "BITCH PLEASE", "stupid lvl over 9000" , "thank you captain obvious", etc. etc. Man, where is the substance?

- Die-hard toy collectors still look "single-by-fate", balding, fat and nerdy. When will that stereotype end?

- oh yeah, i'm back...

- "the king"

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Action Figure Planet said...

Malaking kalokohan talaga yang run for a cause. I always said if only those 1k plus runners would only spend one week helping clean up the pasig river by volunteering themselves, then we would have a cleaner pasig river by now.