Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ranting 101

While it can be pretty easy to make fun of anything that you saw or heard, it can be difficult to to do it  responsibly... There are the ire of people who watch your every move or someone who is against it in the first place. Believe me, I've had my share of violent reactions on my posts. While I could brand them as "jerk" or "b*tchin' mother**ckers", I realized that they have their own opinion, and you have to respect that.

Opinion. Responsibility. Those are words that are often tossed around that is taken for granted. But when given a lot of thought they have a lot of weight that they can be very powerful allies on writing. Or anything that you firmly believe in. As a seasoned (?) blogger here are some tips that you can use next time you have something to say: 

Use the "WHY?"
 A normal citizen would just say that "this suckz LOLz" but a responsible or well-versed person would say          "this sucks, here's why... Too often we never give out a reason why we hate this, against it, etc. and just say something immature (*cough* 9gag). Giving out a reason would at least give more weight to your opinion. 

Two Sides of A Coin

No matter how much you hate a certain subject, always give out good points, no matter obscene it is. Give the reader something that they can (partially) agree on and would make your conviction better.

Cite Examples

It doesn't really have to be something that needs reference (but must not be entirely fabricated) but it's better if you give out situations and similar statements from fellow bloggers. Just to let lazy people who care less about other blogs know that you are not alone.

Just to give an example of "responsible ranting" (if ever there is one) here are some instances:

I'm sure she will get her just desserts for fooling a nation, but she 
made a very big impression being president for 9 years. Plus, 
she made neck braces fashionable. 

A very well-versed man. He had his shortcomings and can be a jerk, 
but you can't help but listen to him. And you can say that you
more manlier than him...

 I'm sure the Santiagos have every reason to attack Tulfo,
what with their privacy and all, it's just that it is very 
improper to use force in that situation. 

Some say that he just wanted to remove Western influences on a Muslim nation, 
and that is a noble cause. But his methods of sending a message is wrong.
His 12-inch 20,000php ++ action figure is pretty cool, though.

See you next post, b*tches...

-"the king" 

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^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Ang kulet nung kay Gloria:
"She made neck braces more fashionable!" hehehe...! ^◡^

P.S. Thank you for your prompt response. Glad to follow you back thru GFC#7. ^◡^