Monday, January 21, 2013

Boredom Strikes...

It's been almost a month now and I still haven't written new content for my blog. I find it very hard now to make some new material to write as a series of sorts for followers of my blog to follow.

I mean, I already did my infamous "The Torpe Road" series chronicling my personal experiences on carousing women to no avail.

And did some comic book reviews on famous properties like Iron Man


Archie Andrews

Plus made a "Where Could They Be Now?"-type of journalism on local Bold Stars.

It seems that I've already wrote everything I could write...


One must not give up on thinking up of new material. We all go through that phase when we feel like we're done. As a famous saying goes, "Don't Rest on Your Laurels"

Sure, there would be detractors or internet "Trolls" (or with my ranting, could I be one?) lurking around the cruel, cruel cyberspace but as Eminem does said on his music "The Way I Am":

"Then attack Eminem 'cause I rap this way (rap this way)...But I'm glad 'cause they feed me the fuel that I need for the fire
To burn and it's burnin' and I have returned"

I admire people who has a knack for writing almost anything and making it readable to the public. And most importantly, making blog posts on a daily/weekly basis. 

Honestly, I could do something like that (loosely), but as people who know me, I want to be on the right kind of "mood" and make a well-polished post. "Quality, not Quantity" as they say. 

For now, I will just have to wait for the proper aligning of the celestial objects in my favor, or need a muse of this caliber 

or more like this,

to write something very good or episodic in my standards. 

This is maybe a shout to the heavens above to do some divine action to make me do something productive or just writing anything just to keep the ball rolling, but whatever you may interpret it, it's all good.

For now, let's just settle in this blog post for a while. Savor it's wisdom, and watch TV shows from an actual TV set and not from a Computer Monitor. 


Now excuse me while watch Dave Hester from the Reality Show Storage Wars be a big jerk,

or admire my recently-acquired 1997 Trendmasters Voltron 

See You, Jerks!!!!

- "the king"

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