Saturday, March 23, 2013

Poor Cyclops...

Cyclops is a cool mutant. He has optic blasts that as one deviantart user said " ...can punch a whole mountain just by looking at it" and has a very interesting history of women, from the telepathic redhead Jean Grey to another sexy telepathic ( what is it w/ Cyclops and telepaths? ) Emma Frost/ White Queen. But it seems that Cyclops ( real name: Scott Summers ) can never hold a candle to a certain mutant, which as Emma Frost once said, "the Poster Child for Mutant Cool" :

Wolverine/ Logan /James Howlett.

Now why do you think that is the case? Well, being a little comic book geek and examining their personalities, Wolvie is a rebel. He doesn't follow orders, gets almost all of the women that he wants w/o much difficulty and has a lot of very impressive superpowers that you would want to use in real life. In short, we all wanted to be somebody like Wolverine ( minus the shrouded past and a whole ninja clan wanting to kill you, of course

While Cyclops can be a little whiny and makes decisions that go against most of his X-Men team's judgement. And he almost has an uncanny, homoerotic relationship with their leader Professor Charles Xavier, or commonly called Professor X. He's someone who is a law-abiding citizen. It's like in real life, we are trying to be a Wolverine, but we can only be a Cyclops. As Emma Frost said, " You're Scott Summers. You like homework and vegetables." ( you gotta love Emma's bitchy dialogue )

So the two contrasting mutants always get into an entertaining argument, with Wolverine being the winner, and Cyclops on the losing end which is always being ridiculed, especially with the advent of social networks. 

For my enjoyment ( and hopefully yours as well ) and researching if Cyclops is always on the losing end , I scoured the net for the best ridiculously hysterical artwork of Cyclops and found these. Enjoy. ( click on any pic for a better view )


you gotta first watch the Saturday Night Live music video "dick on a box" 
before seeing this. it suits the both of them. 

i simply love this piece. 

and also this. simplicity at it's best. 

this pretty sums up why they 
are funny to us ...

haven't seen any fanfic of wolvie and cyclops, but 
i sure as hell wouldn't want to...
gory, but funny...

yeah, movie Cyclops also didn't get much cred in the movies...

facebook trolling at it's best... 

Now with videos it was somewhat difficult to find some, with all of the "unpolished" and "terrible fanmade" videos, but I was still able to find these..

see? even Cyclops is being beaten up by himself.

And as a bonus the following pages were made by me back in 2006, when I  was still "artistically active" and "had a lot of time on my hands." I tried my hand at Cyclops voicing out his frustrations.. to his dismay. It was one of my funniest works. Just click on the pic to read it better.
page 1

page 2
page 3

page 4

So, is Cyclops a joke? Well, not really, but you just can't help making fun of a guy who can't see any color other than red...

- "the king"

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