Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twilight Sh*t, Anger 2 and My MP3...

Believe it or not, I've gone through two rewrites of this post. I almost didn't finish if not for my persistence and some fresh things to insult and rant. Blame it on one person which I wouldn't want to mention as he's not worth my breath. It's my fault entirely, but I still would like to say "ulol bakla!!!" to him, if ever I see him again. We're all like that sometimes...
Anyway, these days I just can't help but be angry sometimes. Feels like I just want to ram an 8-inch steak knife at some people I hate, hated or about to hate. Or hating right now. I guess it comes with the job. Hey, Bruce Banner experienced that. But still, some times I've "Hulked" out I'm embarassed about, and I always try to incorporate calming methods, like breathing. Or fishing (maybe).

Lately, these past few days while travelling or going to malls to look at stuff made me want to "Hulk" out at some dorks, dweebs or effin' male-b*tches. Ever since that ultimate chick-flick-a-rama Twilight came out, I've seen many people of the male demographic reading the novel. Honestly, someone (no, really, I don't give a rat's ass about the story.) told me that the plot is paper-thin. Like Sweet-Valley-High thin. I guess some of these douchebags read the series as a conversation starter to hook up with chicks. (sample dialogue: "You've read New Moon? I've read New Moon!!! I think Edward's character (or whatever) is trailing at some points of the story, but that's just to build the Female character more, don't you think??...) Really, stories involving Vampires is so cliched... I prefer Blade, or at least a story involving Ninjas.

Also, I'm so hooked to my Mp3 (which I call SoundGarden... Chris Cornell tribute.) and I would love to buy an MP3 player with a bigger memory so I can place more songs there. My current music I'm listening is "King Without a Crown" by Matiyashu, " The Metal" by Tenacious D, "All Around me" by FlyLeaf and "Panahon" by Rivermaya. Music is a part of my life. Really.

Rants: The movie "YES Man" starring an old Jim Carrey and her leading lady who looks like Katy Perry is a good, if not somewhat-inspiring movie. The movie won't make you say YES to everything, but you're tempted to try... Watch it!!!! I can't wait for X-Men Origins:Wolverine to show. Feels like it would rejuvenate the franchise. I love the music video and beat of singer Lady Ga-Ga's "Poker Face"

-''the king"

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