Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strayin' A Little Bit Off the Road...

- Still lazy to write a new "Road" entry but want to say a bunch of stuffs.

- I was a little inspired by this site on this kind of set-up.

- So you could say this is like another "Pit Stop" but it's like I just took a quick leak.

- So, there are a bunch of collectibles that I want to buy, like these:

- Saw them on eBay and the net, but I'd prefer finding one in person on GreenHills or any upcoming Toy Convention held this May ( there are a few, actually)

- Sometimes I think of the collectors (me included) on buying a boxed or still-in-packaging toy and never opening it. They'd just display it on their case hoping that it'd fetch big bucks in the future. Parang bumili ka pa eh di mo naman pala bubuksan? Eh di sana di mo na lang binili at sayang lang din. Magmumukha ka lang na maliit na toy shop...

- Ouch. I feel like talking to myself din. Anyway, I got one of the most harshest criticism ever on this blog. She said that she finds my posts boring kasi puro English. I do appreciate the honesty din, but it hurt my ego a little bit.

- She does have a point, but I will still continue to write in English because I can express more in this manner.

- And, I will still write here kahit konti lang nagbabasa... *sniff*

- Bakit ganun? Mga walang kwentang post ng ibang tao andaming nag-ko-comment? e.g. " OMG I just had shrimp terayaki for lunch!!!1!! Super LUOORVEEE ko xa!!!! XD" followed by at least 30-50 replies....

- Gimme a break.... Or, bigyan nyo ako ng break... Hey, I'm an attention whore. I just have this mentality na on the internet people will be able to hear what you're saying... It's just that there people who prefer not to reply. Hey, ganun din naman ginagawa ko eh...

- Today I also feel tired. Inaantok ako, kaso pag matutulog na ako nawawala bigla. Hopefully I'll make up all the lost sleep later.

- Anyway, here's a random pic of a hot chick I dug up on deviantart, she looks like a 50's chick with lotsa tattoos. here is the rest of the pictures.

- well, that's all, time to walk again...

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