Sunday, July 10, 2011


- To the followers of this blog or to someone who knows my quirks, I'm guessing they really expect this hiatus from me.

- I know it's unforgiving, and I'm expecting to finish my "Torpe Road" entry by this year, but well... I gots lazy. (grammar error intended)

- Of course I always blame work, and there's Toycon fever, Facebook and fixing my ever-growing collectibles.

- I may need a muse to make my gears work overtime. Preferably of 36-38-34 vital stats. And oh, must also be a woman. Like this chick:

- Speaking of chick, I recently watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon and it was god-awful. The action dragged on, the robots were, as this guy has well-said: " the Transformers continue to serve more as plot devices than actual characters that you know and love."

- I wish I could find the director (Michael Bay) and kick him
in the nuts. I wish they would be able to fix it. Maybe cast Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception) as a director, hmmm?

- Fast Five, or Fast and the Furious: Rio Heist was one of the big surprises this year. The story was simple but the pacing of the story was not bogged down by unnecessary
action (I'm looking at you, Dark of the Moon) I especially liked the last 15-20 minutes of the movie. They have plans to make a sixth sequel by next year. And I hope they would include this car:
- Hahaha, 57 Chevy fo' Life!!!!

- Anyway, here are some images I stumbled on the net that are on the category of weird/downright funny/cool.

- this what that large multi-colored construction robot from the
second Transformers movie should look like.

- Buddha with a Gatling Gun? Jesus with a cross-shaped axe? These are playing pieces for a board game called Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination. Check out the official website:

- Lastly, check this out. If you know Muslim religion, you would get this pic.

- See you all, 'till next post, hopefully not will take a while....

- "the king"