Thursday, July 31, 2008

Libido And Floodwater Rising...

Yesterday was something else. I have one of the most terrible and near-death experience (you read that right...) that happened to me.

It was August 31, the night before that me and my officemates watched a musical and acrobatic show held in PAGCOR Paranaque called Wanders. I'm sure that you people saw it on tv and some print media. We got FREE front-row tickets courtesy of my generous officemate (thanks, ailene!!!) The show was great, there are lots of breathtaking stunts performed by these Chinese and Russian acrobats. But the one thing that stood out is an act where there are lots of flamboyant women gyrating in skimpy outfits. Wow. There's even a chick being lowered from the ceiling sitting in a swing. That's like one of my fantasies. That act is like what the inside of my head is like. Hahahaha...

After some minor gambling and drinking, I got home to Makati late next morning and slept for a while. I was about to go home to Malabon when rain poured outside. It rained hard. After it drizzled a little, I decided to go home. To my surprise, there's floodwater everywhere!!! From the route I'm supposed to take (Gil Puyat going to LRT Station) I waded in hip-deep of flood. There are lots of stranded passengers and cars stuck in flood. There are instances when a bus would pass by and there's a wave hitting us. It was crazy.

Then when I passed the landmark, functioning Railroad near a famous Condo, I almost went straight ahead at what I thought was a puddle. Good thing some guy stopped me and informed that that was a canal. It was very deep and if nobody stopped me, I would have fallen there and maybe taken by a current and got washed up to Manila Bay. Seriously, I'm glad somebody stopped me. I admit I forgot that canal and was a little ignorant. I thank the heavens above that I am still here, blogging.

Random Rants: Pedicab's new single "Ang Pusa Mo" is raunchy, violent and has an infectous beat. Plus it has chicks!!! Two of them I recognize: Dylan from JACK TV's The PEEP Show and cosplay chick Alodia Gosiengfiao (check her out I have read news that Marvel Toys will not produce any "Legendary ComicBook Heroes" line anymore (see pics at, so I have interests of buying their second wave and building the figure MonkeyMan A retail store near Monumento carries all of the figures, so I plan to purchase them all, despite the combined 3000php price tag. Let's just see what happens... I need to check my salary first.

- "the king"

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