Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toy Chest, Nostalgia and Relaxation...

It's particularly a slow week today, or the fact I'm not in my ranting mood (which is a lucky break for all stupid stuff, horrible songs and anything Hale/Spongecola) So rejoice if you'll find this post pretty short. I, for one, would prefer some blog posts to be concise...

A few posts ago I said that I want to purchase the complete set of Legendary Comic Book Heroes Series 2 or the "Monkeyman Series"( since I saw a complete set at a department store, but I found it to be expensive. Well, guess what, I managed to buy them all at a discounted price!!! Seems the local distributor of the toy line and the like decided to cut 1/3% of the price since it is a year old. I managed to "score" all six of the figures and connected the 11-inch tall, 7-inch wide Monkeyman!!! Sweet!!! He's big, has lots of articulation and a darn f*ckin' monkey.

Y'know, call me a nerd, but I find it amusing to have these figures. Well, to each his own. After all, I see a guy fiddling with his car (or "ride") and you don't see me call him a "mechanic jerk" or "grease monkey" Plus, I've also taken interest in designing new looks for established characters and have a toy customizer build it using some scrap action figures. I've already given him an assignment. Will it be gnarly? Find out soon...

I've uncovered some stuff while fixing my room and man, nostalgia really creeps you when you look at a photograph or some random stuff from the past. Here's a post from my Music.Love... blog about it: " I've been on a nostlagic trip lately, looking at old photographs and visiting friends. I miss those days, and not all the power of the world can bring them back, unless you have a Delorean from the movie trilogy Back to the Future. See? That's an old movie, and that's proof of me being nostalgic. And do you guys remember local anime magazine Questor? Or Nickelodeon cartoon Action League Now? It's good to remember... "

Lastly, it is important to get some time for yourself. It adds years to your life and you look young than your birth-age. Here's some suggestions to relax, or as some people call it now, "chillax" :

- Shop for some crap
- Go online and laugh at some guy's post at a message board
- Read some blog and laugh at some guy's post
- Find interesting what-have-you's online
- Look at some chick's pics (e.g.

In closing, don't you find it REALLY irritating that some idiot would play their favorite music at a closed space or a public transportation? O r even hum/sing it? Makes you want to whack him/her/it a canteen tray on his/her/it head .

-"the king"

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