Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bringing Back My Gamer Side...

I've been pretty busy lately, having purchased a PSP with the cash given by my folks as a Christmas and Birthday rolled into one (how do you like them apples?) I've also christened her "Venus", based on the Roman God of... something. I forgot my mythology, you can just look it up at Wikipedia. At first my choices are "Ehra" (for my current fantasy female) or "Morena" (my preferred color of a woman) but opted for a more universal and "cleaner' name. Weird, but I like to name my game systems, like my old Playstation2 "Bubbles".

The PSP is a very multimedia machine, and to me, stomps the f*ckin' Nintendo DS and eats it for dinner. Honestly, the games for the DS, while somewhat creative (with the use of the dual-screens and a stylus) are too gimmicky and childish.

And yeah, I'm glad I got my GAMER side back. It's been like two years since I've played in a home console. I've only settled in those Timezone arcades with the usual shooting, basketball and pinball these past few months. While great, I clamor for a cinematic and long gameplay experience. In other words, I'm glad I'm back, baby!!!

And oh, yeah, that custom toy? It's good, but not great. Some of paint is chipping off, and one of clay that is placed on the figure fell off. But nonetheless, the dude is faithful (somewhat) to my designs... I'll post a pic soon as my computer doesn't recognize any USB... F*ck.

Rants... I really hate people who post too much of their pictures in Friendster. I hate those "Japanese" ( your pointing and middle finger raised like a peace sign fashioned sideways near the eye.) Heck, I know one particular female who does that, and it f*ckin' pisses me off. You know who you are. Haha. The Jonas Brothers need to die... Or get out of the fanbase of giggly 11-17 year old girls.

- "the king"

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