Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big Surprises, Turning 23 and Ellen Degeneres...

My Birthday just passed by, albeit many people seemed to forget that my birthday was last September 29 and not 30. A well, I appreciate the effort anyway. It's also hard to invite old friends over since they're busy (even on a Sunday? Even on a Sunday, friend.) I guess it won't be long before only a few would still be communicated. Also, turning 23 doesn't really change much. Quoting Garfield, " I'm learning something new every day!... And forgetting two things."

It's pretty surprising how things came out. Take, for example, channel 5, now called TV5. Last time there were numerous revamps that really fizzled. But this time it really blown out of that little channel that nobody cared about. I love watching the new movies, Ogags (i.e. Pinoy Jackass) Seems they were challenged by the past article written by that obviously-gay Butch Francisco titled (somewhat) "Why Channel 5 will never be Famous"

Another example worth noting is that gigantic building near the Monumento (which would give you the idea of where I live. Kinda.) For years that is just a worthless "white elephant" No one is using it. But now it was reincarnated as the Victory Central Mall. Many people go there for some cheap clothes, quality food and business oppurtunities. There are like 6 floors there that the top floors still haven't been used. If ever you readers would pass by Monumento, give it a try.

I'm always duped into buying an item I regularly wouldn't buy just because of two words pasted into the said product: "Limited Edition". I'm a sucker for those. (Sample Scenario: "Cool, a limited-Edition eyeliner? I've gotta buy one!!!)

Rants: Glad that Hale has shifted their subject matter to happier and melodic songs. After all, leave it to those f*ck Emo Bands. Speaking of Emo, it won't be long that those silly haircuts will be gone... replaced by sillier hairdo!!! Crap!!! Ellen Degeneres' show is very heartwarming, but I really hate how she talks. She stutters so much (just like me, fine.) Rico Blanco's new single "Yugto" does compare well to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

-"the king"

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